20 Best Tips Of Website Conversion Rate In 2022

Are you a writer? Or a webmaster? Or an entrepreneur trying to promote your business?

How many visitors go through your website? How many of them are getting converted?

If no, then you should definitely look into your website thoroughly to see what’s wrong with it. Maybe, the design is not attractive enough to attract visitors to your website?

If that is the reason, then you need to improve your website design immediately.

In this blog, we will discuss some top 20 tips of website designs you should know to improve your website conversion rate in 2022.

What makes a website attract more customers?

One of the benefits is its design. Obviously design matters, not only on the website but everywhere. You can attract

people by having a great design and increase your conversion rate.

The same goes for designing a website. When you want to have a website for your business, the first thing you need to ensure is to have a high-quality design.

Of course, you need good quality content, but no one can digest the content if the web design is not welcoming.
That’s why it is important to create a website that is engaging and attractive to look at.

What are the key components of having a good website?

Before we highlight some of the best tips of website design to improve conversion rate in 2022, let’s dive into some top key components of having a good website.

1. Visual appearances

When it comes to the design of a website, the overall appearance the most. It is the first reaction to your visitors after landing on your website. Remember the first impression is always critical to let your visitors stay engaged in your website. Users form an impression about a website after landing on it in a few seconds.

You need to ensure that the overall website appearance should grab user attention. Offer something simple, clean, intuitive, and accessible.

Add visuals, graphics, text, to your website, that represents your business.

The goal should be to make a visually appealing website design with good UI, proper navigation, and better looks.

2. Color scheme

Another key component to attract customers is the color you use on your website. When it comes to engaging with the content and other visual elements, users always look for something that is attractive and compelling to look at.

By looking at the color scheme users also decide whether they should explore more about your website or not.

So before selecting the color scheme for your website we recommend paying attention to your brand and industry, along with your target audience.

Select colors that grab your customer’s eyes and encourage them to take action. Colors like deep blue and green show professionalism. Black and white display the vibrancy of the business image.

3. Typography

When it comes to having a good website design then the typography should also be interactive.

You need to look at your website’s overall design while selecting typography for your website.

Arial and times new roman are frequently used but also, look for something different. The text you select should also be easily readable.

And also add sufficient contrast between the text so that your text is easily readable.

4. Navigation

The navigation of your website has to be very creative but also interactive at the same time.

Make sure the navigation menu is easy to navigate and add a button “Back to top” that takes the user back to the top of the menu.

5. Content

So you are done, with the appearance, color, and navigation, now the crucial one is the content part. You should definitely not ignore the content part.

Fill your website with high-quality content. Provide answers to your customer’s questions. Show how your business can be a solution to their organization.

6. Mobile friendly

People use smartphones to research any products or services. As we know we can find everything on our smartphones, we prefer using it more.

Make sure your website is mobile-friendly. This way your website can drive more traffic to your business.
By having a mobile-friendly website you will be able to rank on the top of the search engine result page.

These are the top 6 key components of having a good website.

tip of website designs to improve the website conversion rate of your business

1. Define goals and measure KPIs

Defining goals and measuring KPIs must be in every business. When you are designing a website, it is normal to jump ahead and brainstorm many ideas to infuse into it.

You think of infusing robust features and graphics in your website, But it’s not the starting point.
You need to have strong goals and KPIs for your website before.

How to set goals and measure KPIs?

  • Look around yourself related to your business
  • Look for your niche demographics
  • Be real, clear, and concise
  • Be SMART
  • Make a list of interests
  • Break them into KPIs
  • Measure your KPI success

2. Keep the branding consistent

A brand is a mark, logo, name that companies use to distinguish their product from others.

You might be thinking the logo on the website can help in keeping branding consistent. Well, it not only about logos but the elements, design, and tools used inside your website conveys the value of the brand.

How to keep your brand consistent?

  • Let your brand convey a story
  • Provide value to your customers
  • Keep your fonts simple
  • Add your personal information
  • Infuse images in your content

3. Make use of Rule Of the Third

What makes a layout stand out from others?

It is not all about graphics, or animations, or the best images or effects, but if you do not layout them in the right way, it won’t work out. This is where the Rule Of Third technique works.

The Rule of Thirds is a technique for creating pleasing aesthetics and balance in images on websites.

It places items on the “thirds” of an image that has a centering or more other symmetrical approaches. They divide an image into nine equal parts. Then, two of them are in horizontal lines and two in vertical lines in an equal space.

How to use the Rule Of Thirds technique?

  • Where to place important elements
  • Determine negative spaces
  • Use the rule of thirds to arrange your images

4. Make use of negative spaces

Negative spaces are unused spaces on a web page. Anything that doesn’t catch the user’s attention on the page is negative space.

How to use negative spaces in website design?

  • Use of negative space to break pages
  • Work on content comprehension
  • Create visual hierarchy
  • Go minimalistic

Whether it’s CTA’s, images, or other elements offering space between two elements makes the website design look attractive.

5. Value simplicity for better conversion

We can see businesses add more elements, like multiple visuals elements to their website. They think more visual elements can help in better conversion rates. But customers love the simplicity, they mainly prefer simple, clean website design.

How to add simplicity for better conversion?

  • Make use of simple design
  • Pay attention to the visual focal point
  • Provide easy navigation
  • Make it easy to access
  • Reduce distraction
  • Focus on simplicity

So, when it comes to creating a website design, focus more on simplicity for better conversion.

6. Make use of optimized and high-quality images

Do you want your website to perform well? You need to start optimizing your images at first. It helps in boosting your website SEO and SEO rankings.

If you don’t optimize your images, you will end up with a slow-loading website and can decrease your website visitors. You also need to use high-quality images for your website.

Tips to optimize your images-

  • Make use of unique images that are relevant to your website
  • Make use of a format of the highest quality
  • Reduce the size of the image
  • Include captions
  • Make use of tools to optimize your images

7. Fill up with relevant points on the About Us page

You have a website with good content, high-quality images, good navigation, and more elements. Your customers are impressed and want to contact your business.

But ends up with nothing information. Is it good for you? Of course not.

You need to add your business information so that customers can contact you for further information about your services and products.

There is an About Us page on every website. Add relevant information for your customers.

What to add to the About Us Page section?

  • Brand Name
  • Location
  • Phone Number
  • Mission
  • About your business
  • Inquiry form

8. Make use of visuals

Nowadays, people prefer visuals over texts. The more visual elements in a website, the more people will entice to visit your website again.

People respond to visual elements faster and it also enhances your visitor’s UI.

How to make use of visual elements on your website?

  • Use images at regular intervals
  • Make use of charts and graphs
  • Focus on colors and typography
  • Make sure to place content at first

9. Minimize text

Visitors love simple and clean website design. The same goes for texts. Visitors prefer short texts over long massive texts.

We are not talking about blog posts, but website content. Keep text to a minimum length, not too short not too long.

10. Take advantage of colors and contrast

After creating a website, businesses often overlook choosing the right color for their website.

But the color of your website can help in attracting more potential customers to your website. The color you use on a website can also encourage them to perform the desired action.

That is the reason why you need the right color for your website. You can make use of tools like the adobe color wheel to create the right color.

In contrast, you can keep important elements like the CTA button, headline, image, text and stand out from the crowd.

So the color and contrast both are important in website-designed to improve conversion rate.

11. Make use of breadcrumbs

There are ways to make your site easier to navigate like breadcrumbs.

By using breadcrumbs on your site, your visitors can navigate to your site’s top-level pages with a single click.

Breadcrumbs can also help visitors find the right content they’re looking for.

12. Add more faces to your website design

Trust has now an issue with customers, due to the rise of many fake and duplicate companies.

People need proof to convert to a customer. For that, use something that proves your business loyal one.

Make use of human faces as a model or clients to your website design.

When a user visits your site, they need to gain a sense of trust and confidence. And this could only happen by adding a human face to your website design.

It grabs their attention and builds trust to connect with the website design.

How to add faces to your website design?

  • Make use of human faces
  • Even use hire models
  • Make use of stock photos
  • Do photoshoots

13. The show, don’t tell

Customers expect to know more about your business if you want them likely to turn to your business.
Don’t only show your business, explain to them what you offer, what your business is all about.
Tell them how your business is a solution to their pain points.

14. Make use of shorter sentences

Sentences should be easier to read. It should not make your readers bore with long sentences.
Make use of shorter sentences. Mix it up, if you both want to use your website.

15. Try shorter paragraphs

Like as readers love short lines, they also prefer shorter paragraphs. Make use of shorter paragraphs on your website.

It will also look attractive and appealing to your visitors.

Start each paragraph with new information. Eliminate unnecessary text on your pages and add CTAs.

Another useful tool is bullets. Consider using lists, and in these lists, make use of bullet points.

16. Make CTAs clear

CTAs are one of the crucial parts of conversion rate. A good and strong CTAs can convert customers to your website.

They need to be big, bold, and powerful. CTAs must clear to your visitors and force them to take desired actions.

17. Simplify the navigation

Once your customers find your website. Make sure your website is simple to use. It has a simple navigation menu for providing better user experiences.

How to simplify your website navigation?

  • Create a website map
  • Keep your main menu simple
  • Format hyperlinks
  • Display buttons clearly
  • Make use of breadcrumbs

18. Optimize the design for mobile

Smartphones dominate our industry. Not only ours, everything, even our everyday life.

If you are not optimized for mobile, then your website won’t perform well. And that means you lose customers which you can’t afford to do.

19. Pay attention to SEO

Everything you do for your website is obviously for SEO rankings and to get more potential customers.

You need to have relevant keywords for your website. Make sure you create an XML sitemap for search engine crawlers to analyze the content of your website.

How to pay attention to SEO?

  • Look how easy your website is to use.
  • Pay attention to how your website is performing on mobile
  • Make sure you use backlinks
  • Monitor your page loading speed

20. Do A/B testing on your website

While creating a website, you just can’t stop here. There are multiple ways to improve your website design for more conversion rate.

You need to do A/B testing of your website for its overall performance.

By doing A/B testing, you can have regular improvements to your website and see how it works or what isn’t working at all.

Things you need to do A/B testing surely-

  • Test your CTA button
  • Test your images on your website
  • Make sure you test the content of your website
  • Test the size of your navigation bar


Your web design will ultimately impact whether or not your site is successful. Make use of this list as a guide as a resource to help you make those improvements.

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