20 Best Tips On How To Write Blog Headlines In 2022

Do you find it difficult in writing a good headline for your blog?

Definitely, a good headline can help you rank higher in search results.

Maybe, you are scared to mess up with the headlines.

Don’t worry, we can help you with this problem.

In this blog, we will let you know about the 20 best tips on how to write blog headlines in 2022.

Writing a blog that your readers love is a true art. Good blog content gets noticed by your visitors, potential customers, which increases your website traffic.

But do you think your readers read every blog they see?

It’s a no. They don’t read every blog they see, many of them are just ignored

And there is a reason for that, missing a good headline in the blog content. A good headline is hard to craft, and a good effective headline attracts audiences, generates leads, and leads to conversion.

You may find it difficult to craft a good headline, but it will be easy for you. We have given the 20 best tips for writing headlines that you should know in 2022.

How To Write Blog Headlines:

1. Understand who you are writing for

Definitely, you have something, someone in your mind for whom you are doing all this hard work.
Even, many of you have made a list of whom you want to promote your business.

They are, of course, your target audiences or potential customers.

Understand who your audiences are, what are their requirements, and what do they need from your business. By identifying their interests, passions, desires, you can attract more audiences to your business.

Frame your headlines in a way that appeals to your audiences.

2. Make use of persuasive language

Only creating blog content, or crafting a headline is not enough. You should make sure that your people should click on your link.

Make use of convincing language in your headline, that people take the desired action for your business.

Three main persuasive emotion you need to use-

  • Curiosity
  • Emotion
  • Ethics

By adding these three aspects to your headlines, you’ll be able to craft a good headline to draw readers into your blog posts.

3. Describe the benefits to your readers

Your purpose to attract readers to your blogs should have an aim. You must figure out how to attract readers, how to impress them. For this, you need to describe the benefit for your business to them.

Make them realize how your blog is beneficial for your readers.

Describe the benefits of your headline to your readers. This way they can understand how your blog is helpful for them.

4. Avoid using passive voice

Being active in our day-to-day life is necessary, not to be left out in the digitized world.

The same goes in business too, you need to be active all the time. Being inactive may lead you to lose potential customers to your business.

You need to craft a good headline in such a way that does not involve passive voice.

Make sure you use active voice in your headline to attract more audiences.

5. Make use of keywords in your headline

Adding keywords to your blog content can help your rank higher in search results. And your headline is the first place you need to craft it.

Do some relevant keywords related to your business, so it can help you target keywords for your blog posts.

Also, make sure, it is well-crafted in your headline. It should not look like you forcefully added it in your headline.

6. Answer a specific question

Every blog posts provide an answer to the reader’s pain points. Your headline must provide an answer to the reader’s questions.

This will help them to look for your blog, which will help your blog to be seen by your readers.

Tell them what your article is about, explain it clearly through the headline.

7. Make use of dates in titles

The world is changing quickly, and when it comes to blogging, if you move for a second, you are left behind.

This is where using dates in your titles is needed to stay updated. This captures your audiences towards your blog by informing them your blog content is updated and includes current information.

8. Align your headline with user-intent

What exactly is user intent?

User intent means understanding what your searcher is looking for in search engines.

You need to understand what your readers want from you, and you can explain them through your headline.

And if readers spend more time reading your blog post, then you’re on the right track.

9. Your headline must answer What, Why, How, When, who

Your headline must answer what, why, how, when, and who in your blog.

What will your reader get after reading your blog?

Why should a reader choose your blog to read? When should your readers read your post? Who will get benefit from reading your blog post? How will readers get a good result by reading your blog post?

These queries should be included in your blog content.

10. Make use of powerful words

The word ‘powerful’ actually affects anyone’s life or business. It can change the entire business to provide good results.

Make sure you use powerful words in your blog content and headline to attract more audiences to your business. Powerful words can help them to change their minds towards their business and take the desired action.

Words like ‘ the best’,’ beautiful’, ‘great’ can evoke strong emotions.

11. Be clear and concise

Your audiences want clear and concise answers to their questions. Your headline needs to be clear and concise so that your readers can grab what you are trying to say in your blog content.

Make sure you keep your headlines clear and hard-hitting.

12. Don’t make it too long

Your readers may not like too long headlines. And there is a limit to adding words in your headline. Try to keep your headline short and to the point as much as possible.

Delete any unnecessary words, and instead, make use of numbers.

13. Make use of the right tools

Sometimes you may find it difficult to identify a good headline. In that case, you may use tools to craft a good headline.

Tools like ‘Content Idea Generator’, ‘Headline Analyzer’, ‘Sharethrough’ are some tools you can use to find a good headline for your blog content.

14. Add the touch of mystery

People are mysterious creatures, they love mystery in their personal life and also professional life.

Add the feeling of mystery in your headline so that your readers can get excited to read your blog content.

15. Create the feeling of intrigue

Make the feeling of intrigue in your headline. You should make your headline more interesting to look at and read as much as possible.

Tell them a secret, or make your headlines more urgent and timely.

Make it look valuable, it will increase more engagement to your blog posts.

16. Speak directly to your readers

It is always good to speak directly to your readers. They should understand what your headline wants to convey in your article.

Make them understand you care what they want from your business, and that’s what you are offering them.

17. Don’t use vague or clickbait headlines

One thing you should avoid is click-baiting in your headline.

A blog with a clickbait can generate many clicks but you may build negative experiences in your customer’s mind.
And don’t use vague headlines, it may also make a bad impression on your reader’s mind.

18. Learn from your competitors

Competitors always play two roles in your business- one that is obviously a competition and the other is always inspiring you.

Try to understand your competitors and learn from them.

At some point, they may know better than you. Gran that knowledge and it will help you to increase more engagement to your business.

Make use of tools like BuzzSumo, Social Animal, to identify your competitors and understand their work process.

19. Put the reader at the centre of everything

We have always said in our previous blogs, and also here, it’s not about you, it’s about your audiences. Make them the centre of everything in your blog.

Keep in mind that your services should be beneficial to your customers. Your business should be effective to solve their pain points.

It’s normal to create promotional content, but it should be more about your audience’s needs and requirements.

20. Optimize your headline for SEO

You create headlines, blogs for your readers all the time, but also keep in mind that your headlines should be optimized regularly for search engines as well.

Otherwise, how can your audiences find your blog content?

Google has always been watching your content, so make sure your content is optimized for search engines.


If you think writing a good headline is so easy, then you should definitely change your mindset!

The most important thing you should understand your audiences deeply, what they want, what are their needs and requirements.

Writing a better headline takes time, effort, and revision, if you do this, your results are certainly worth it.

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