15 Best Lead Generation Tips For Startups In 2022

Are you newly starting up your business?


already have a small business of your own?

How do you generate new leads?

Do you have any lead generation tips for startups in 2022?

We have a solution for you in generating new leads for your small business.

In this blog, we will let you know the 15 best lead generation tips for startups in 2022.

Every large and small business focuses on generating new leads to increase sales for their brand. But many of them fail in the process.

But why do they fail?

Because of the lack of effective strategies in generating new leads.

Lead generations are not as simple as you think, it requires proper tips and strategies to follow.

Lead generations are the process to find and attract visitors to your business and converting them into customers that buy your products and services.

When you start a business, whether it is small or large, all you need at first is to focus on generating new leads. If you succeed at this part, eventually you can increase your sales to an extent.

We have mentioned some particular points why do you need lead generation for startup business.

Let’s have a look-

  • It is cost-effective
  • Increase more qualified leads
  • It identifies advanced technologies
  • It boosts conversion rate
  • It generates brand awareness
  • It contributes to positive ROI

These are some major benefits of lead generation for startup businesses.

Moreover, there are many of them but these are common, that is known to all.

Now let’s take a direct dive into 15 Best Lead Generation Tips:

1. Create your buyer persona

First, we have on creating a buyer persona. So what do you think of how to create a buyer persona?

Tell us, what do you mean by buyer persona? Is it some kind of imagination?

A buyer persona is a process of finding what your buyers are thinking about and what are their interests.

How to create a buyer persona?

  • Find out your buyer’s research criteria
  • Collect reliable data of your customer’s base
  • Organize the information
  • Bring your persona into life

2. Target content for your customers

You can’t reach all your audiences all the time. But your writing can definitely reach your leads. Content creation has always been effective for every business.

But it decent mean you create some random content and you think your customers will get attracted.

This is where you can go wrong.

Create relevant content for your customers to make them realize how your business is a solution to their pain points.

Create engaging content that your readers love and feel connected to your business.

Make sure your content does not look more promotional and boring to your readers. Always keep in mind, it’s not about you, it’s about them.

3. Focus on quality rather than quantity

Quality in your work makes a good impression on your customers. Your customers seek quality more than quantity which helps them to get audiences and increase their business growth.

So make sure you provide them quality work more than focusing on quantity.

4. Focus on engaging leads

Many businesses focus on indirect connections with customers, but it’s not correct. This way you do not get engage with your leads and cannot generate new leads for your business.

Direct engaging with leads means live chat, forums, and help centers. You can even provide customer service representatives for your customers all the time.

Engaging more with your customers can result in generating new leads.

5. Be strategic with your email marketing

Email marketing has always been an effective marketing technique when it comes to generating new leads.

Send emails to your customers for making them realize they matter to you.

But make sure, they have a huge amount of emails in their inboxes from multiple companies. Don’t overload it sending multiple times.

Send it once a week and remind them about it.

6. Make use of multiple channels

The technique of using multiple channels in generating new leads has always proven effective for your business.

You can make use of multiple channels, like social media, PPC ads, and many more to engage with your leads.

7. Use social media regularly

Like as we have mentioned above, make use of social media platforms for generating new leads for your startups.

Make use of social media as much as possible to promote your business. Try posting regularly even if possible upload posts on a daily basis.

8. Respond to your customer’s comments

Customers are your main focus to help in business growth. Make sure you never let them down. Respond to their comments on multiple channels. Ask the customer for feedback on your products and services.

This will help you to generate new leads for your business.

9. Engage with influencers

Influencer marketing has gained huge popularity in today’s world. And it will be very helpful to generate new leads by engaging with influencers for your business’s promotion.

Connect with influencers for promotion. They have a huge amount of followers on their social media accounts. They can easily gain the trust of their customers. This will also help you to build your brand awareness and gain credibility for your brand.

10. Make use of keywords carefully

SEO is important to raise your ranking in search results. Make sure you use relevant keywords for your brand.

Stuff keywords carefully in your content, don’t overdo it. Be sure to add primary keywords at least three times in your content.

11. Make use of PPC ads

If you are a startup, then you should go for PPC advertising. Target relevant keywords that relate to your industry.

Write an eye-catching headline for your content.

12. Make use of the right tool

You need to generate new leads for your business to help you grow your business. It will be more effective to increase your lead if you make use of the right tools to generate new leads.

 There are tools like OptinMonster, Aeroleads, Listflow, LeadGenius, Discover.ly, and many more that help you in generating new leads for your business growth.

13. Learn from your competitors

Your competitors can be a good choice to learn from them in generating new leads. You can examine their process on lead generations and can use it for your business also.

You can focus on what type of audiences are they targeting on, what the needs and requirements of their audience.

This will help you in targeting new audiences for your business.

14. Make use of social proof

Nowadays, people find it difficult in believing any business. So try to give social proof to your customers to gain trust.

Make use of testimonials, client reviews, client short videos and use them on your social media or on your website.

15. Use CTAs

Using CTAs for your website and on your blog is necessary so that your customers can think or move forward by seeing your CTA.

Make your CTA stand out from others.

Make use of strong and powerful words. Stay concise and consistent. Provide value to your customers. You should make the feeling of urgency through your CTAs.


As you have come across these 15 best lead generation tips for startups in 2022.

Don’t forget to apply in generating new leads for your business.

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