12 Best Social Listening Strategies For Your Business In 2022

What do you think about social listening?

Is it effective for your business? Do you have any strategies for how to work out social listening?

If you don’t have, don’t worry, we have some.

Our social listening strategies mentioned in this blog can help you focus on your brand online presence in 2022.

Social listening is a technique of checking and monitoring social media platforms where brands are mentioned that related to your products or services.

By being active on social listening will help you to be aware of all messages and conversations on social media that are related to your business.

Why do you need social listening?

  • Keep track of all social media
  • Engage directly with your target audiences
  • Provide valuable insights into your audiences
  • Generate new leads
  • Identify influencers
  • Improve your customer support
  • Keep an eye on your competitors

So these are some mentioned benefits of social listening for your brand.

If you don’t have any social listening strategies for your brand, check out our effective tips.

1. Decide which channels to focus on

We guess you have already planned what your goals are. Now it’s time to choose which channels you need to focus on more for social listening.

Focus on that channel that can help you promote your brand, that promotes services relates to your brand.

Use it effectively for your brand promotion.

2. Determine what to look at on social media

Of course, we randomly don’t pick up things and add them on our social media. We select those, which actually relate to our brand.

Focus on some trending topics, trends on social media. Find keywords related to your brand. Look what your audiences are searching for in social media.

Gain more insights into what your audiences are searching for.

3. Determine social listening tools to use

We live in a world where multiple helpful tools are made for making marketing easier. Social listening has its tools so that you can manage social listening from one place.

Tools like Socialbakers, Mediatoolkit, Buffer, Synthesio, Keyhole help you find target keywords for your brand and help you gain valuable insights into your audiences.

4. Make social listening to daily practices

Social listening should be of daily practices. You need to set criteria to explore daily.

What should you look through daily?

  • Trending topics
  • Top authors
  • Top hashtags
  • Any surprising facts

Spend your time investing this on daily basis. This way you can keep track of your social listening.

5. Acquire the most genuine and up-to-date feedback

Feedbacks from your customers are always overwhelming. And if it is more genuine then you definitely boost upon your work.

Always try to acquire genuine feedback from your customers. And try to be updated on every feedbacks they provide. You should actively reply to them to make a good impression.

Genuine feedback from your clients will help you target new customers for your brand.

6. Gain insights into online conversations

Gaining valuable insights for your brand will help you to boost your brand image.

Connect with your customers to understand what they want. Pay attention to their feeling, what they want, what they seek.

7. Create content that relates to your audience’s needs

Creating content may be easy for you, but to create a type of content that your audiences want, needs is important.

Your customers love informative content, that can help them get a solution to their pain points.

Make sure your business’s services and products solve their pain points.

Read your audiences’ minds, seek what they need from your services, this will help you to create quality and engaging content.

8. Identify emerging industry trends and news

People love new trends, news nowadays, Multiple industry trends and news happen to occur on daily basis.

Make sure you are updated on every new and latest trend. Upgrade yourself and your business with new upcoming trends.

Otherwise, your customers will be bored and will go after your competitors, which will be not good for your business.

9. Conduct market research to guide your strategy

All these steps you fulfill for your social listening, but be left out without conducting proper market research for your business.

Proper market research that relates to your business will help you to understand your audiences and your market.

Perform a SWOT analysis to conduct market research. Figure out your budget properly.

This research will work out for your business growth.

10. Respond directly to your customers

Customers love to connect with a business directly to remain clear and concise. This helps them to build trust for your organization.

You need to be direct and precise towards your customers. Speak directly to them. Ask them their interests, their passions, their needs, and requirements.

Make sure you clarify yourself about what your audience wants,  as you know all you do is to acquire audiences for your business and to increase the business sales.

11. Generate new leads through monitoring relevant keywords and phrases

Generating leads for your business may get tough at some point. But targeting relevant keywords will help you to generate new leads for your business.

Make sure you do research on relevant keywords that relates to your brand. Make use of tools to find keywords.

This will help you to increase more customer engagement with your business.

12. Identify influencers to promote your brand

Influencer marketing has always been an effective marketing technique for any business. And when it comes to social listening, it is highly proven effective.

You need to find influencers for your business to promote your brand on social media.

Social media is a great way to reach out to more customers for your business growth.

Connect with influencers and ask them to promote your brand to generate new leads.


An effective social listening strategy helps you to connect with new audiences, generate new leads, and increase business sales.

Always keep in mind while crafting social listening strategy, equipped yourself with all these strategies mentioned above with the right tool.

Get straight to grow your business with these effective strategies.

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