A Complete Guide To Create Roundup Posts In 2022

Do you have any idea on how to create round-up posts for your website?

Are you planning to create?

But not aware of how to craft it perfectly.

Don’t worry, we will help you with a solution.

Publishing valuable content has always been a challenge for every business.

As a blogger, digital marketer, or content creator, you already know how important it is to offer your audience fresh, engaging, and valuable content regularly.

A roundup post is a great example to attract anyone’s interest in your industry.

But what exactly are roundup posts?

Roundup posts are content where experts provide answers, insights, descriptions, reviews to a particular same post.

Creating a roundup post for your website or blog can take some time and effort, but it brings long-term benefits for your business.

By providing answers to the same question from many experts, you will not only generate valuable content but also build a strong bond with many experts in this field.

There are many benefits of round-up posts from just being better posts.

  1. You can build a strong bond with your readers
  2. People get motivated to share your articles.
  3. You can be everyone’s first choice in your niche.
  4. You can motivate other people’s content.

Answering a well-placed question from many experts gives you a valuable piece of content.

So let’s take a look at how to craft it right.

Check out how to create valuable round-up posts in 2022 for your website.

1. Pick the right topic

You can start writing a round-up post without valuable content for your website.

Your job is to come up with a topic that experts can relate to.

As there are many popular influencers in our industry, we can’t come up with the same topic that is discussed before.

We need something valuable yet unique.

How to pick the right topic?

  • Come up with something in-depth and specific.
  • Start scouring Q&A sites and forums for questions
  • Look for relevant keywords
  • Do your homework and search for the best message boards yourself
  • Look for popular blogs in your industry
  • Create a quick spreadsheet format, starting with my favorite blog post

Always remember quality matters at the end.

2. Pick the right people for your round-up

As you have chosen the right optic for your round-up posts, now it’s time to pick the right people.

And it’s normal to be a little choosy when it comes to choosing the right one.

Before choosing participants, be sure they are-

  • Popular and well- established
  • Pro-active sharers
  • Willing to contribute
  • Talented writers
  • Talented authors

You don’t need to be too hyper in this situation, simply check out their way of writing.

You can easily grab who will be the right choice.

A roundup post with only 5 people doesn’t have the same “wow” factor when compared to a roundup post with 15-20 influencers.

Always remember, the better you make the author look, the greater the chance they’ll share the post.

3. Create a powerful message

It’s not enough only by content for your website. You need a powerful outreach message so that your customers looking at that message desired to take action.

You can increase your traffic to your post by keeping a closer look at your message.

You need to keep some points in your mind before creating an outreach message.

  • Keep it short and clear
  • Personalize your message
  • Emphasis on the benefits
  • Go easy on the subject line

If you want to connect with more influencers for your roundup, make interaction with them for days before sending your outreach email.

You can leave comments on their posts, provide feedback on their site, and so on.

4. Write a catchy headline

If you want more customers, then all you need is to have a catchy headline for your round-up posts.

Roundups are the same as regular blog posts. They also need an attractive yet valuable headline to lure in readers.

Add words like “expert,” or “thought leaders” to your posts. These words can showcase how awesome your posts are.

How to write a catchy headline?

  • Use headlines to makes your audiences understand what you are trying to convey.
  • Talk about the reader’s problem
  • Introduce your participants
  • Infuse Emotions
  • Highlight the problem and show the solution
  • Be informative and keep it simple
  • Align it with your content
  • Create the form of urgency

A good headline can always define whether someone reads your article or avoids it.

5. Add CTA to your posts

Do you want the readers for your roundup posts?

Then, you should definitely go for CTAs asking them to do just that.

A call to action is a short message where customers are forced to take the action to move to the next level.

Calls to action are used on the website pages and for campaigns to promote a business.

How to write a powerful CTA?

  • Focus on the main benefit of using CTA
  • Demonstrate Competitive Advantage
  • Make use of social proof
  • Consider context and timing
  • Make the action quick and easy
  • Offer a complementary incentive
  • Evoke curiosity
  • Create a sense of urgency

By making use of these above points, you can craft your own call to action for your round-up posts to increase more conversion rate.

6. Add images and links

Are you struggling to get traffic?

A post is not enough with lines, for creating a nice post, you need texts, images, GIFs, and also links.

When you use image posts, it helps to make the post look longer.

It makes it look more detailed and clear.

If you are writing a round-up post, add images to make your post look much better.

Why add images and links to roundup posts?

  • Look visually appealing to your readers
  • Grab lots of traffic from image search engines
  • More social media shares
  • Increase the length of the article/posts

7. Share it with your audiences

Sharing your posts with your audiences is all you need.

Your audiences can see what you offer by sharing your posts on multiple platforms.

Why do you need to share it with your audiences?

  • Value your readers
  • Define your readers
  • Develop a connection between readers and others
  • Make your readers feel valuable and special

How to share with your audiences?

  • Create stories and share through social media
  • Make them know through email

8. Ask the participants to share roundup live post

 You need to inform participants and influencers that the round-up post is live.

Ask influencers to spread the word.

Influencers lead very busy lives, they may forget about your roundup. Keep reminding them.

If you want to make it more visible, share the post on social media and tag the participants.

Why do you need to share the live post?

  • To engage more readers
  • To increase the rate of conversion
  • To build a strong bond

9. Repurpose your roundup post

You’ve had an idea for a video, a stream for your post.

You get a few hits but it doesn’t work out for your business.

Why is this?

You need to consider repurposing your roundup post to make it more shareable.

If you want to do something creative, you can make use of infographic content with your roundup posts.

How to repurpose your posts?

  • Make your content short but clear
  • Find questions and provide answers to that questions
  • Make use of podcasts
  • Create shareable graphics
  • Turn your posts into short videos
  • Create new round-up posts

10. Offer to write a guest post

Guest posting?

You should definitely try for that. It is a great way to spread your brand’s message while also growing your personal brand.

Why do you need to write guest posts?

  • Fast exposure to targeted audiences
  • Expand your personal network
  • Encourage social media shares
  • Grow your social media following
  • Improve your profile
  • Grow brand awareness
  • Generate qualified leads


What do you think about how to create round-up posts?

Comment below.

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