How Brands Can Develop Winning Social Media Marketing Strategy In 2022?

Looking to fine-tune your social marketing strategy for 2022?

Then, it is good. Now it’s the perfect time to adopt a new strategy and leave 2020 behind for good.

In this blog, we will discuss how brands can develop a winning social media marketing strategy in 2022.

A new year means an opportunity for a fresh start with a focused vision and resets in your goals. It also means adopting new strategies for business growth.

In the past few years, social media has been dominating the field of the business industry. And social media marketing is definitely the next frontier of commerce. Social media marketing is a type of online marketing where a business promotes its products and services through special media channels to increase a business’s sales.

What are the primary benefits of social media marketing?

  • It drives targeted traffic to your website
  • It boosts its website SEO
  • It helps you to understand your audiences
  • It builds brand’s loyalty
  • It will help you to get more sales
  • It brings positive ROI

As you have come to know what social media marketing is and how it is beneficial to your business in 2022.

Let’s take a look at its proof, according to different industries, social media has its statistics and interesting facts, how marketers think about this marketing.

Statistics and facts-

It’s no doubt that social media continues to grow in popularity. We spend a lot of time on social media as it helps us to connect with friends, family, loved ones.

  • Globally around 3.6 million people use social media.
  • 73% of marketers say that social media marketing is much more effective than other strategies for their business.
  • 90% of brand try to build brand awareness through social media marketing
  • 61% of marketers say that social media marketing is very effective for conversion rate
  • 39% of people trust brands if they have a conversation with the brand on social media
  • 54% of customers use social media for whatever they want
  • 71% of customers recommend brands on social media to their families and friends if they have positive experiences.

A marketing strategy will help your business to tackle its goal and help its business growth.

That’s why we are now putting forward some steps in how to create a winning social media marketing strategy that you should know in 2022.

1. Set energizing goals for your business

One of the most significant problems the business faced is setting realistic goals.

Every marketing strategy starts with setting goals for a business. The same goes for social media marketing.

You need to set up goals for your social media marketing.

What defines a good social media marketing goal?

  • Goals should be SMART ( Specific. Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-Bound)
  • Goals should be audience-centered
  • Goals should be tied up to organizational impact
  • Goals should start with big, and break down to KPIs

Why do you need goals for your business?

  • To increase brand awareness
  • To achieve a set higher quantity of sales
  • To improve ROI
  • To grow your fan base

How to achieve social media marketing goals for your business?

  • Make use of hashtags
  • Post valuable content
  • Encourage sharing
  • Produce shareable content
  • Ask questions to encourage interaction

No matter what you are selling, your social media strategy should be measurable.

2. Determine your relevant metrics

Too many businesses build social media presence on social media accounts, whether thinking even they will succeed or not.

Social media is an art and science for many reasons. As an art, you pour your time, effort into the content, it also takes a scientific approach to ensure that your post will perform well and reach your targeted audiences.

These are the social media metrics that will measure the performance and success of your posts.

Which metrics are we talking about?

  • Reach
  • Clicks
  • Engagement
  • Hashtag performance
  • Organic and paid likes
  • Sentiment

3. Take enough time to research your niche

Do you have any targeted audiences?

Or are you trying to find more niches for your business?

For a social media marketing strategy, there are three types of audiences-

  • The valuable customer
  • The aspirational audiences
  • The influencer audiences

Then, dig into the details of your customer’s persona. Once you come to know who your target audiences are, the next step is to describe them at a deeper level. The better you know your audience, the more effective your strategy will be.

Carefully check out their pain points, their questions, how you describe them demographically, their lifestyles, their attributes.

4. Create content i.e unique and more engaging

You need to get surprised here. Your social media strategy hinges upon engaging content.

But what type of content you need to use in 2022 for your social media marketing strategy?

  • Stories
  • Time-sensitive posts
  • Short videos
  • Posts that show your human side

You can even look upto your competitors, how they are working on their content, how audiences are reacting to their content. This will give you the idea of creating more engaging content to attract new audiences to your business.

How to create engaging content for social media marketing strategy?

  • Who are you trying to reach?
  • Review audience behaviour
  • Investigate who engages with your competitors
  • Use social listening
  • Make use of tools to find engaging content

5. Select the right social media network

The right social media network can help you attract your audiences. You could start with your audience’s most preferred network to increase more audiences.

First, you need to identify-

  • Primary channels
  • Secondary channels
  • Channel specific features
  • A clear plan to grow your online presence on the channel

How to find the right social media channel to promote your business?

  • Identify your social media goal
  • Understand your industry
  • Know the purpose of each platform
  • Look where your audiences spend more time
  • Create a plan to stick to

6. Investigate how your competitors make use of social media

Every business has its competitors in the relevant industry. They have their own marketing strategy to run their business. You definitely need to know what they are doing, how are they attracting new audiences and many more.

For that, you need to conduct a competitor analysis to study their strengths and weaknesses. Make use of tools like SpyFu, BuzzSumo to analyze your competitors.

How to conduct a competitor analysis for social media marketing?

  • Understand who your competitors are
  • Identify competitive keywords
  • Check who is ranking for those keywords in Google
  • Gather information about how are they using social media
  • Do SWOT analysis
  • Add updated information to your social media

7. Establish a realistic social media budget

Let’s be real in this case. For every marketing, you need a budget to set up for your business. In social media marketing, you too need to have a budget for all your financial needs.

How to set a social media marketing budget?

  • Set trackable goals
  • Create ads that stand out
  • Create user-friendly value proposition
  • Know your target market
  • Run A/B test
  • Make unique ads for each platform

Spend your social media marketing budget wisely.

If you’re looking for tips, strategies, and advice on how to create a better social media budget, our strategies can help.

8. Post at the best times to engage

You cannot post your content anytime, you need to find the best time to get more engagement.

This means that if you post at a different time, they may never see your content.

In reality, there’s no perfect time to post on social media. It is mostly based on what kind of business you have and who your audience is.

9. Build a community for your audiences

Building a community can help you engage with your audiences more. You need to make your posts more interactive for your audiences. You could add quizzes and questions to interact with your niche more.

Whatever you do, your posts should be informative.

Don’t simply overwrite your ads. Make your audiences find value in your content.

How to build a community for your audiences?

  • Understand your audience’s circle of interest
  • Make sure you create a sincere experience
  • Be meaningful in your message
  • Select community hosting platform

10. Consider working with influencers

We understand the importance of connecting with influencers for promoting your business on social media.

If you select the right influencers, you can reach a whole new audience.
Influencers have always been an expert in social media marketing. That’s their strength.

They can build a reputation online, and have a large number of followers for their social media.

How to work with influencers for social media marketing?

  • Find the right influencers for your social media marketing
  • Ensure you both know and follow the rules
  • Set clear expectations
  • Be open to creativity
  • Run giveaway together
  • Ask them to do product reviews

11. Create campaigns for promoting your business

Nowadays, businesses focus on creating ads campaigns for promoting their products and services online.

You can even include influencers or brands in your campaigns.

How to create social media campaigns?

  • Find whom you want to sell
  • Clearly make use of your objectives
  • Make use of social media channels
  • Create a social media calendar
  • Measure your campaign’s performances

12. Track your overall performances

You may give full effort to your strategy, set up goals, create content, build community, connect with influencers, create campaigns, but at the end of the day, you need to measure your performances.

Otherwise, you will never know how your campaigns are performing.

How to track your campaigns?

  • Make use of tools to measure your results
  • Do survey your social audience to find out what they think of your business.
  • Track the total number of followers on your account
  • Keep tracking of your engagement rate, web traffic.
  • Monitor and report

These are the 12 best social media marketing strategies you could use in 2022 for your business. These tips will actually help you to understand how to create the best strategies for your social media marketing in 2022.


As we all know how effective social media marketing is for your business. It not only affects your business growth, but also attracts new audiences, and helps to raise your organic SEO rankings.

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