How To Use Skyscraper Technique In Link Building In 2022

Do you have any idea what the skyscraper technique is?

Not to all may be.

Don’t worry, in this blog, we will discuss what the skyscraper technique is and how to use this technique in link building.

We are in an era where multiple marketing techniques have taken their place and play a significant role in promoting a business and increasing traffic.

And promoting a business has become more important in increasing sales and traffic.

Link building is a part of SEO for establishing relevant hyperlinks to a website from other sites.

Link building increases the number of high-quality links to a website, in turn, the website ranking highly in search engine results.

Building links is not that simple task to work on. You need specific techniques to increase traffic.

And when it comes to link-building, how the skyscraper technique is at the back.

But what is the skyscraper technique?

It is a term in which you promote a business with some popular content and backlinks for your webpage.

But why do you need the skyscraper techniques to promote your business?

  • Build high-quality content
  • Increase social share
  • Increase overall backlinks
  • Increase your blog comments
  • Increase your blog exposure
  • Increase your posts traffic
  • Build a connection

How to use the skyscraper technique in link building?

Like other marketing methods, the skyscraper technique also needs some points to follow in link-building.

There are some points on how to use the skyscraper technique in link-building.

1. Find the right topics for your post/blog

Firstly you need to find relevant content with multiple backlinks that you can use for your website.

How to find good content for your post?

  • Find relevant content with lots of backlinks
  • Check on specific keywords
  • Find out the existing content with conversion
  • Create better content
  • Find linkable content
  • Make use of high-quality content

2. Look for Guest Posting Opportunities

If you publish an article on your website or blog and waiting for the backlinks is not enough.

You need to be active by finding guest posting opportunities.

How to write a good guest post pitch?

  • Target popular blogs
  • Do market research
  • Create a unique body email
  • Work with the content
  • Provide internal links
  • Add summary

How to find guest posting opportunities?

  • Google search
  • Social media
  • Have the habit of reading
  • Check websites and blogs
  • Pitch elements

3. Promote to the right people

Now, after finding the right topic you need to find out the right niche who is interested in linking or promoting your blog/post.

But, How can you find them?

Let’s take a look then-

  • Make use of tools to find your niche
  • Take a look at social media
  • Attend conferences, meetings
  • Make use of keywords
  • Don’t be over pushy

Once you find your targeted audiences, you can then start pitching them about your piece of content.

4. Create a better and unique content

Everyone likes unique and attractive content.

With this technique, you can provide better content to get outstanding results.

But if your readers are not interested, you’re in no way getting good results.

Also, try to work on your existing content. Provide more details, information elements to your content.

How to make better content?

  • Add more details and information
  • Add images, GIFs to the content
  • Add short videos to the content
  • Give examples
  • Add “how to” and tips to the content
  • Make use of tools to get it better
  • Do more research on the topic you choose

If you look into these points, you probably can work with the skyscraper technique.

5. Create longer and detailed posts

A longer and detailed post attract more customers to your website.

You need a minimum of 300 words in a blog to rank in search engines.

How to create a long and detailed post?

  • Craft a good headline
  • Write a good and attractive introduction
  • Search for relevant keywords
  • Look for your competitors
  • Delivery Advice
  • Go deeper into the topic
  • Provide details
  • Close with a motivational bang

This technique doesn’t make your blogs too long. But to cover the topic and to answer the readers’ questions.

6. Find multiple backlink pages

Backlinks are given web resource links that drive traffic from one website to another website page.

Backlinks are an important part of search engine optimization and help you to rank higher in search engines.

They increase your website to get found by visitors and potential customers.

How to find pages with the most backlinks?

  • Look for competitive backlinks
  • Look for content gaps
  • Create linkable assets
  • Discover fun hacks
  • Build backlinks from round-up posts
  • Make use of infographics and video assets

7. Work on the post design

Good and well-designed posts for your website can automatically drive more traffic. People are basically attracted to the design of a post.

People look for a good design before checking out for anything.

How to create a good post design?

  • Look for a good choice in color, font, etc
  • Pay attention to the logo
  • Choose the correct size
  • Choose an eye-catching visual
  • Let your poster speak
  • Make use of tools to design a good post
  • Look for your competitors and their work

8. Reach out to the right people for links

Are you ready with your brilliant post?

But only publishing your content and waiting for backlinks is not sufficient.

Your strategy has to be in a systematic manner.

As we have come to the end of the skyscraper technique into action, you need the right people to ask for links.

How to find the right people to ask for links?

  • Make an email list for your backlink prospects
  • Find the right contacts
  • Make use of tools
  • Create emails with a request for a backlink
  • Create a link to your audience list
  • Contact with bloggers for backlinks
  • Try to be personal and always be polite

The Skyscraper technique is a technique that brings in the desired results, but at the same time, your approach should be strategic and well planned.

When this technique is done correctly, it helps to increase double organic traffic.


Now it turns to make it work!

Are you trying to implement the skyscraper technique on your website?

Need Help with that?

We will be happy to work together with you to promote your business.

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