Instagram vs Facebook: Which Will Be A Better Choice For E-Commerce Business In 2022

How do you sell your products online?

Do you use any platform to promote your products?

Instagram vs Facebook: which will be a better choice for E-Commerce business in 2022?

You may have many questions about which one to choose between Instagram and Facebook and ends up with nothing.

Now, we do have a solution for these queries. In this blog, we will let you know which social media platforms, Instagram or Facebook will be a better choice.

Both Instagram and Facebook are the two top contenders social media platforms for promoting your E-Commerce business in 2022. No doubt that most businesses focus on these two social media platforms to promote their business.

Both these two platforms have their own distinct advantages. Facebook was founded in 2004, with more than 2.7 billion monthly active users in 2020. On the other hand, Instagram, founded in 2010, has nearly 1 billion active users in 2020.

People share their opinion on which will be a better choice for promoting their business. It is based on visuals, ease of use and benefits, and many more.

Let’s now directly dive from the roots of these two platforms.

Which platform is best for your eCommerce business:

1. Instagram vs Facebook


Founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg is a social media networking site with more than 2.7 billion users to date.

Facebook can be is used-

  • Connecting with friends, families.
  • Sharing new ideas
  • Promoting an online business
  • Posting updates and many more

It is a place where people can connect with other people, share their opinions and get information. You do not need any other apps for these features, as you can get all in one solution- Facebook.


Like Facebook, Instagram is also a social media platform that connects people, can share opinions. With more than 1 billion users, Instagram is also popular. In 2012, Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook bought Instagram by paying $1 Billion.

It is also used for many purposes like-

As you can see there are some similarities between these two platforms, like sharing images, online business, sharing opinions.

But it has differences between them too. And now we shall discuss these dissimilarities.

1.1 Facebook vs Instagram: Reach


Facebook is one of the oldest social media platforms, where businesses can reach out to billions of customers. This platform helps in promoting their brand and increasing their online presence.

With more than 2.7 billion active users, your business can increase its reach to huge communities of people and sell its products online.

Customers believe in Facebook as it is used by billions of people.


Instagram is a great social media platform where businesses can reach out to billions so many users. It can help a business in promoting their brand easily.

People trust Instagram for having nearly 1 billion users.

1.2 Facebook vs Instagram: Engagement


Facebook gets less engagement and finds it difficult to increase more customer’s engagement to a brand.


Instagram is arguably the best platform to increase customer engagement. With Instagram, an eCommerce business can sell its products directly.

1.3 Facebook vs Instagram: Demographic


Compared to men, the amount of female users is more.


This social media platform is more popular amongst youngsters. This platform makes the brand look more appealing to its audiences.

1.4 Facebook vs Instagram: Types of ads


There are different ads that Facebook offers to a business.

They are-

  • Video ads
  • Image ads
  • Collections ads
  • Carousel ads
  • Slideshow ads
  • Lead generation ads
  • Offer ads
  • Event response ads
  • Page likes


Instagram has fewer types of ads than Facebook.

They are-

  • Photo ads
  • Video ads
  • Stories ads
  • Carousel ads

1.5  Facebook vs Instagram: Live


Facebook lets a  business engage with its audiences in real-time. It repurposes live videos to use on your business page as content. It allows users to interact with your brand with Q&A sessions.


Instagram stories can help you grow and build customer engagement, drive sales, and provide users with recent updates.

1.6 Facebook vs Instagram: Messenger

Facebook messenger-

Facebook Messenger lets your brand connect with people on a personal level.

It lets a business acquire new customers, drive brand awareness and also enable transactions.

Instagram DMs

Direct messages help your brand to connect with your customers through this feature to grow your business. It builds connections within your industry, increases brand loyalty, and generates more leads and conversions.

1.7 Facebook vs Instagram: Stories


Facebook Stories lets you represent your brand from your smartphones.

It helps you to increase customer engagement and lets you reach a large number of people frequently. It also helps in promoting your E-Commerce business online.


Instagram stories help to grow and build your customer’s engagement, It drives sales, and provides users with recent updates they are looking for.

1.8 Facebook vs Instagram: Shopping


This feature helps customers purchase products directly from your store.

It provides customer’s details regarding new deals and promotions.


Instagram Shop allows customers to check out the product’s catalog with your product profile.

It provides more sales opportunities, conversions, and much more.

1.9 Facebook vs Instagram: Insights


Facebook insights provide information to track and measure the results of your marketing campaign.


Instagram Insights provides data on follower demographics, actions, and brand content in real-time.

Advantages of running ads in Facebook

To date, Facebook has had more than 2.7 billion users, and one of the oldest social media platforms, it has many benefits of running ads.

  • 80% of all internet users use Facebook. It attracts all age groups. It will be easy for businesses to attract audiences to their eCommerce business easily.
  • With multiple ads offered by Facebook, eCommerce businesses can target billions of customers.
  • Facebook ads can generate more qualified leads to an e-commerce business.
  • You can get real reports on your overall ad performances.
  • Facebook ads are much cheaper than other ad campaigns.
  • Using Facebook ads for your e-commerce business improves customer attribution.
  • Facebook ads let business owners find opportunities and promote their business to target desired users on the platform.

Advantages of running ads in Instagram

Running ads on Instagram will help you to increase your brand awareness, increase sales, and leads to more conversions. It will also help business owners to generate more leads and promote their business.

  • Instagram ads help you increase your customer’s engagement more than other social media platforms.
  • As Instagram provides more visual ads, it has more chances of getting conversions and getting positive ROI to its business.
  • More than 1/3rd of Instagram users purchase online in 2019.

Costing to run ads on these platforms

The cost of running ads on these two platforms depends on the factors and features a business use.

The average CPC for Instagram ads to be around $0.20 – $2 and the average CPC on Facebook is about $0.80.

Which is better for your e-commerce business

Choosing between Instagram and Facebook is like choosing between the DC series and the Marvel series. Both in their own ways are stronger and efficient.

If you give more importance to visuals, images, videos, and presentations then Instagram is the best for promoting your E-commerce business.

If business owners focus more on text and images both then you can use Facebook in promoting their brand online.

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