PPC Ads Format That Every Marketer Should Know In 2022

Are you trying to promote your campaign through PPC ads?

What do you know about PPC ads?

About different PPC ad formats?

Not exactly…

Don’t worry we will help you with that.

In this blog, we will talk about the PPC ad format that you could use for promoting your campaign in 2022.

PPC ads are a type of marketing in which advertisers pay when a user clicks on one of their online ads.

Benefits of PPC ads-

  • It contributes to the business goal
  • It is measurable and trackable
  • It works well with other marketing channels
  • It is cost-effective
  • It reaches the target audience
  • It drives warm leads
  • It leads to positive ROI

PPC ads come in various shapes and sizes, as these ads change frequently.

It’s difficult to provide a truly clear guide for every ad format available.

On the SERP

1. Text ads

Compelling text ads are important for any PPC campaign to perform well. They’re often the first contact or connection that a  potential customer makes with your site.

When you write a text ad, make sure your ad is highly relevant:

  • To your products and services
  • To the search intent
  • To PPC landing page

A PPC text ad looks simple like any other.  It consists of a headline, URL, and two three lines of descriptions.

You can use limited characters in an ad.

But, this is only not enough. For writing an ad, you need to understand the whole scenario.

There’s an art to write an eye-catching, compelling message that, includes-

  • CTA
  • Relevant keywords
  • Unique value proposition

Keep all this procedure in mind, and then start creating text ads for your campaign.

2. Responsive search ads

Responsive search ads modify your headlines and descriptions of your ads’ to make them more effective.

Benefits of Responsive search ads-

  • Provide the right message at the correct time
  • Optimize your ad and save time
  • Boost your engagement reports
  • Reach out to more audiences

How to create Responsive search ads?

  • Make use of varied and unique headlines
  • Use relevant keywords
  • Pay attention to Google recommendations
  • Pin relevant headlines
  • Make use of CTAs
  • Do ad testing

3. App download ads

App Download Ads allow you to showcase your app to the relevant tablet or mobile users.

In a day where mobile traffic continues to increase, you need to take advantage of all that mobile has to offer.

These ads appear in various places, including SERPS, play store, and on the web too.

They are included in Universal App Campaigns (UACs).

If you have a mobile app, it will be easier for any business to get users to interact with your products and draw them to your campaign.

4. Local service ads

Local Services Ads help you to connect with people who search for services you offer on Google. Your ads will be shown to the people in your area and help you to generate more leads for your business.


  • Appear at the top of Google.
  • Connect with potential customers
  • Make use of simple tools
  • Pay leads that relate to your services

5. Google map ads

Google Maps Ads is a type of ad that promotes nearby areas based on people’s location.


  • It is very effective at reaching new customers
  • It keeps alerting for new potential customers
  • It promotes in your Google local listing

How do Google Map ads work?

  • Search result adverts
  • Promoted pins
  • In promoted promotions

How to use Google map ads?

  • Set up your Google map ads
  • Add the location extension
  • Set up location targeting

6. Call-only ads

Call only ads drive calls to your business directly from ads. These ads are only shown on devices that can make calls, such as smartphones.

Why use Call-only ads?

  • Phone number is at the top
  • Provide call button
  • Direct line to your business
  • Ability to create more targeted ads

How to use Call-only ads?

  • Use CTA and keywords in the URL
  • Test your ad copy
  • Start by bidding high
  • Target call centric keywords
  • Schedule ads strategically
  • Use location targeting
  • Calculate your call rate
  • Measure call quality and don’t forget about caller experiences
  • Retarget unconverted calls

7. Hotel ads

Hotel Ads is designed to showcase your real-time room rates to potential customers who desire to look for them.

Hotel Ads complement your existing ad campaigns and try to reach travelers who are looking to book now.

Why use Hotel ads?

  • Drive bookings
  • Showcase offerings
  • Give additional insights
  • Attract potential customers
  • Showcase booking benefits

How to use Hotel ads?

  • Be easily searchable online
  • Do re-marketing regularly
  • Ensure you are targeting the right audience
  • Allocate more marketing budget
  • Provide incentives
  • Build local partnerships
  • Market the location along with the hotel
  • Ensure your website is both simple yet unique
  • Serve best customer service before, during, and after their stay
  • Build a customer loyalty program

8. Shopping ads

A Shopping Ad is a type of ad that provides detailed information about products and services you sell or offer.

These ads let you promote your online and local inventory and boost traffic to your website.


  • Highlight your products and brand
  • Get qualified leads
  • Grab your customer’s attention
  • Higher conversion rate
  • Powerful reporting and competitive data
  • Vibile to your mobile users

How to use Shopping ads?

  • Create news feed for product
  • Set up your store domain name
  • Make use of keywords
  • Add meta tag
  • Add your product feed videos online
  • Do market research on your competitors
  • Create a campaign
  • Create ad groups

9. Showcase ads

Showcase ads are types of ads that identity stores to buy their desired products. These ads promote brands or new businesses and a collection of products.

Benefits of Showcase ads-

  • Track real-time conversions
  • Track user interaction
  • Measure overall performance
  • Identify store to buy products
  • Control which product needs to  appear in your ad

How to use Showcase ads?

  • Set up your Shopping Campaign
  • Select a Campaign
  • Create ad group
  • Click ‘Showcase Shopping’
  • Create Ad Group name
  • Select which products you want to appear in the campaign ad by subdividing those products.

10. Local inventory ads

Local inventory ads display your store and its information to nearby shoppers who are looking for your services in Google.


  • Promote your in-store inventory
  • Promote local store through online
  • Measure performances of ad
  • Option to call, get directions to the store, and buy online

On the Web

1. Responsive ads

Responsive ads are ads that can adjust or transform ad’s sizing making them into a broader range of screens.

Using specific ad technology ads can appear small on one ad screen but large on another.


  • It optimizes your inputs to increase conversions
  • It has a broader reach
  • It saves your time
  • It monitors the overall performance

How to use Responsive ads?

  • Set up Google ads account
  • Choose your ad type
  • Enter your primary text
  • Create Your Responsive Ad Headlines
  • Pin Relevant Headlines
  • Add Your Responsive Ad Descriptions

2. Static image ads

Static Ads target existing campaigns and review and approved overall content.


  • Cost-effective and take less time
  • Review and approved overall content carefully
  • Higher Click-Through Rate (CTR)

How to use static ads?

  • Create clear CTA
  • Make use of white space
  • Make use of color
  • Do something unique
  • Use simple typography
  • Give users something
  • Pick images carefully

3. Lightbox ads

Lightbox ads appear on Google Display Network that utilizes multiple images, videos and smaller ads to attract user’s attention to their ads.


  • Multiple audience targeting options
  • Better ad performance
  • Retarget existing content in a new and engaging format
  • Automatically resize
  • Improve your customer experience

How to use Lightbox ads?

  • Make interactive ads
  • Create interactive videos
  • Make use of keywords
  • Make use of CTA

4. Gmail sponsored promotions

Gmail Sponsored Promotions refers to a paid advertising format that runs on Google Display Network, allowing advertisers to showcase ads in the prospect’s  Gmail inboxes.


  • It adds an image in a placement
  • It appears on both mobile and desktop devices
  • It is cost-effective
  • It provides better performances
  • It offers a wide variety of conversion quality
  • It provides custom HTML

How to use Gmail sponsored promotions?

  • Avoid the extra click
  • Embed video to the HTML Ad
  • Follow given guidelines
  • Recheck your ads before they go live
  • Try to make changes to ads on a regular basis
  • Offer new targeting options that relate to product

5. Dynamic remarketing ads

Dynamic remarketing ads are a display ad format that allows you to showcase your services to people who already visited your website before.


  • Target consumers/ viewers
  • Personalize your marketing approach
  • Stay relevant
  • Delivers positive ROI

How to use dynamic remarketing ads?

  • Generate your dynamic remarketing ad account
  • Add a tag to your website to get analytics
  • Create dynamic remarketing lists
  • Create a campaign
  • Create your ad group

On YouTube

1. In-Stream

In-stream advertising is an ad format that works on streaming videos, games, and music videos.

Why use In-Stream?

  • More visibility
  • Brand awareness
  • Increased reach
  • Boost engagement

How to use In-Stream?

  • Make use of strong CTA
  • Make your ads creative
  • Make long-form videos

2. Bumper ads

Bumper ads are video ads that play before a YouTube video.

These ads reach more customers and increase your brand awareness.


  • Easy to create
  • Cost-effective
  • Effective and efficient
  • Reach to new customers
  • Higher resolution

How to use bumper ads?

  • Use in clusters
  • Mix in other formats
  • Focus on one single objective
  • Keep it simple
  • Shoot for six seconds
  • Aligned your ads with your goals

3. True view discovery ads

TrueView Discovery ads are ads that can appear throughout the YouTube search results, and video watch pages.


  • It delivers positive ROI
  • It increases more views
  • It drives users to click on a link or take action on an ad.

How to use True view discovery ads?

  • Set up your campaign
  • Choose targeted location
  • Set a daily budget
  • Select your audience
  • Create and optimize your Ad
  • Make use of CTA  and keywords
  • Make use of images and logos

4. YouTube MastHead ads

YouTube Masthead ads are a type of ads that showcase your services and products on Youtube to generate more leads for your business.

These ads can have multiple videos, CTAs, and social media sharing buttons. These ads cannot be 30 seconds longer.


  • Appears at the top of the YouTube homepage
  • Attracts more customers
  • Generate new leads
  • Safe ads to invest
  • Easy to use
  • Increase traffic

How to use YouTube Mastheads ads?

  • keep it simple and clear
  • Give viewers different options
  • Make use of CTA
  • Make use of relevant keywords


So you have to look up a complete guide to PPC ad format, and their benefits, and how to use them.

If you need more information regarding your online business.

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