Top 12 Tips To Create Visual Content For Your Blog In 2022

When you do content marketing, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

Of course to create more engaging content that attracts new clients to your business.

But customers get bored reading text, they don’t have much to check out every word of content.

This is where comes visual content.

But many of you struggle while creating visual content for your blog. This may be due to the lack of knowledge and research.

Fortunately. We have the top 12 tips to create visual content for your blog in our latest article.

But let’s quickly check what visual content is.

Visual content is basically a type of image-based in our content. They include pictures, diagrams, charts, infographics, videos, screenshots, memes, and slide decks. They are more comfortable to consume and understand.

Now, as you know what visual content, let’s now come to the main part on how to create visual content.

top 12 tips to create visual content for your blog in 2022

1. Write according to your audiences

You create good visual content to market your blog. Why do you need to do all this? For whom are you doing this?

Of course for your audiences, to attract new clients to your business.

You are trying to impress your clients with good and engaging visual content. But you cannot create visual content without knowing what your audiences want.

You need to understand and create content based on their needs and requirements.

Study your audiences, understand what they need, on that basis create your visual content.

The tone of your content matters to understand what type of content to create. It adds strength and quality to your content. The tone you need to use can be informal, formal. playful, ironic, and more. This all depends on your target audiences.

Set the tone of your content correctly, You can definitely have SEO focused content for your blogs.

2. Research on your content you are writing on

You do not have to add everything to your blog content. Unnecessary content to your blog can lead to losing potential customers. It can also lead to losing attracting new clients to your business.

Research on what type of content you will be working on. Tyr to watch videos that relate to your business, read blogs and e-books.

Do not look for a simple solution while writing visual content. It should be unique, engaging, well-researched and at the same time appealing to your audiences.

A well-researched content always helps you to grab more knowledge that relates to your business.

3. Add fire to your content

You can not through hundreds or thousands of words to your content without adding uniqueness in the visual content. It will look dull and boring.

Add something fury to your content, make it look appealing to your clients. You need to be unique and creative.

You are out there, changing people’s lives in this world. Make sure you give your best.

Try to paint a fancy picture to your visual content. Leaders value what you provide them, make sure you give them what they are looking for.

4. Write shareable content

You have created unique, engaging visual content for your blog. You tried so hard to attract new clients, don’t let your hard work goes to waste.

Let your content be seen by billions of fo people. Make it shareable on multiple online platforms.

The more your content is shareable, the more effective it will be.

But what makes your content shareable? Not every content is shareable, right.

This where you need to provide value to your readers. A combination of unique, good, and helpful content is shareable. This is all you need to do, create unique, good, engaging and informative content for your readers.

The sentiment, nostalgia is also a major factor that makes people share content. Add little from the past, from childhood, or some famous movies and places, to make your audiences feel and enjoy the moment.

Also, make sure to keep your content current and up to date.

5. Stay consistent with all platforms

As you have created shareable content, now it’s high time to stay consistent with all platforms. You need to posts, updates your content consistently on all online platforms you are focusing on.

Add a good logo, good layout design, and good font to your content.

You need to be consistent with your visuals to increase your brand recognition across multiple platforms.

6. Make use of a logo

Logo for your business represents your brand. It helps people to recognize your brand and increase your brand awareness.

Once your business logo becomes popular, you don’t even need to add your company name and instead can make use of your company’s logo.

Even your customers can easily recognize you and you can easily attract new clients to your business.

You can even make use of tools to create a good logo like Canva Logo Maker, Looka, LogoMaker and many more.

They’re a great starting point for small businesses creating a logo.

Creating a good logo does not need to spend thousands of dollars. You need to invest time to create a good logo that perfectly suits your brand.

Remember, don’t remain okay with what you have. If you aren’t 100% happy, make yourself satisfy first.

7. Get the dimension right

When you create visuals for your social media, not all size fits all of them.

There are different dimensions for every social media platform.

They work best on the dimensions that fit them well.

Here are some dimensions of some social media platforms-

  • Facebook- 180 x 180
  • Twitter- 440 x 220
  • Instagram- 161 x 161
  • Pinterest- 236-pixel width, height is scaled accordingly
  • LinkedIn: 1104 x 736
  • YouTube: 1280 x 720

There are some tools that can help you reform your images for specific platforms- SproutSocial, Internet Marketing Ninjas, Promo

8. Make use of images

Images used in content can help your customers understand what you are trying to say.

Before creating an image, ask yourself-

  • What is the purpose of creating visual content?

Is it created for fun, promotion, or thought-provoking?

  • Or did you have low social media content and needed a quick post?

You should have a vision in your mind before creating visual content to share on social media.

9. Make it easy to navigate

Imagine, you have created very good visual content for attracting new clients. But all gone to waste, if your clients find it difficult to find.

Make sure your content is easy to navigate. Make use of relevant keywords so that your customers can find you easily.

Make use of various headings, subheadings, bullets, lists, etc. to grasps the attention of the readers easily.

10. Make use of infographics

Like as you make use of images on your content, make use of infographics. It will help you to attract new clients to your business.

Infographics as statistics, facts, information makes readers easy to understand.

11. Make use of hashtags

Hashtags have always been a good way to increase new customers.  It makes it easier for people to find your posts from the search bar when they search for specific hashtags. It also improves your clickthrough rates because they engage new clients to your business.

12. Use strong powerful words

When you create content, you cannot use simple or dull words. You need to use those type of words that is powerful and mind-blowing, that help your customers to take desired actions towards your business.

CTAs are a great example of powerful words. CTAs should be powerful enough to change the reader’s mind.


It is not that difficult to create engaging content to attract new clients to your business.

Follow the above steps to create attractive and creative visual content.

Now that you know how to create visual content and how to write the best content marketing writing, you can increase your brand awareness and get positive ROI to your business.

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